What you are looking for is right in front of you

In the novel The Alchemist, the main character has dreams of a treasure buried thousands of miles away. He embarks on a yearslong journey to seek this treasure. In short, he gets robbed along the way, falls in love, is attacked by robbers again, and comes to find out that the treasure he traveled thousands of miles to find was buried at home under the very tree he had those dreams.

I think about this metaphor often. The dance training I needed to succeed was right in front of me, in my first teacher’s basement, at the local studio where I received formative training. Through college, I went to local studios where I’d take extra classes to supplement the college dance classes I was enrolled in at the university close to my hometown.

Go for it. Experience it all. It will make you whole. Dance everywhere. Be like that little white feather in Forrest Gump and go where the wind blows you. In the end, you will discover that what you were looking for was right there in front of you.

By Denise Caston-Clark

Hi! I'm Denise Caston-Clark, a professional dancer, choreographer and dance educator. I am a former Radio City Rockette and currently direct Tap Dance Detroit and the annual Motor City Tap Fest.

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