If not now, when? And if not then, how about now?

One of the biggest things we can’t get back in life is time. We will say to ourselves for 20 years things like, ‘I really want to learn how to act’ or ‘I want to learn how to play guitar’. 20 years later that desire still lives, and if it’s a year later we still think we will get to it.

It’s easy to find acceptable reasons to convince ourselves why we can’t do something ‘right now’. It’s easier to let yourself believe that the time has passed and now it’s too late. Who says it’s too late? Society? Pffft. Ok. You might not be center stage at City Center and you might not have an exhibit at the Guggenheim, but when you finally do something you’ve wanted to do, it’s one of the most gratifying feelings.

So ask yourself. What is stopping you? It many cases it’s yourself. Don’t be afraid to be afraid, and don’t ever con yourself into thinking it’s too late.

By Denise Caston-Clark

Hi! I'm Denise Caston-Clark, a professional dancer, choreographer and dance educator. I am a former Radio City Rockette and currently direct Tap Dance Detroit and the annual Motor City Tap Fest.

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